Last night we attended a TRX class.

Every time I go it is killer. Sore without fail.

If you have not tried it out before I suggest you do.

I looked on Amazon and they have a ton of TRX at home kits.

I suggest you buy it if you do not have a gym membership.



5 thoughts on “TRX

  1. Colin DeWaay says:

    Nice, I love TRX bands but only know a few moves. Would love to do a class.

  2. makemesweaty says:

    Yes if you can try a class you should. I am sure there are YouTube videos out there too. This guy has a good demo, I love doing mountain climbers with the TRX!

  3. I have an own trainingcompany called Visio Fitness. And now I falled inlove with this: TRX! So this spring I will take a education in trx and put it in to my company so I can offer that as well.I think it will be awesome!
    And right now I´ve moved to Portugal with my man, and here I dont find trx ANYWHERE! So it probably will be great here… 🙂

    Nice reading your blog!
    Have a nice day! /Yasmin

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