Half Marathon Training Schedule

For my first half marathon this past Spring I used a beginner’s plan but this time I want something more challenging. I came across, Hal Higdon Training Programs, on my Google hunt for a training schedule found what I am looking for. This website has great training routines for various race distances and for all levels, so check it out! My training starts in less than 2 weeks and I am more than ready to get back into it. The route of my upcoming race has a lot of hills so I will doing a lot of incline running. There is nothing like having a routine to stick to with an end goal that is so rewarding. Wish me luck!


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3 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training Schedule

  1. Brittany says:

    I am using this exact plan right now for my second half. My first half I used the beginners version of this! Happy training!

  2. kimberlynd says:

    Aw! I remember signing up for a half marathon but I didn’t follow a training program so I injured my knee by increasing the distance too quickly. Went to physio and he told me my knees were crooked so I shouldn’t even think about running a half ever. He told me to run a max of 10 km a day.

    It was the saddest thing to hear him say that. I feel like he didn’t diagnose me properly so I want to train for another one! (This was me being stubborn and wanting to prove him wrong). My knees are completely fine now but I haven’t been running as often as I used to!

    Best of luck to you this year! You’ll do great!!

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