Austin Adventure!

   Hello Bloggers, Family and Friends!

Jenn is now a working resident in the city of Austin, Texas.

And here is the adventure of the 2 JET’s road trip to the dirty south.

To start our day Daddy Jay made us a fantastic smoothie.


We then said our goodbyes…

(and yes there were tears)


Check us out, 2 girls, one BIG truck

(with Jenn’s car attached to the back)


And we were off for our fun adventure. YEEHAW!

(she is a pro truck driver by now!)


After 10 hours of driving and some interesting scenery,

We stopped at our first destination… Lubbock, Texas.

Sarah let us stay at her place and took us to get some TexMex at Chuy’s.


Thanks Sarah!!! Miss you already.

Now my turn to drive…


8 hours later we arrived in Austin, Texas.

Jenn is all moved into her new place.

Erica flew in this night and we checked out the city.

The next morning I went on a running adventure.

Came across this amazing graffiti wall.


And the Rowing center where I Am sure Lance Armstrong

And Matthew McConaughey get their work out on.


Here is a great shot of the city.

Really exceeded my expectations.

The weather was great (but it is winter…)


We then headed to the Salt Lick.

Had some great BBQ chicken!

salt lick

Later we checked out the AMAZING

Whole Foods Headquarters

Wish I could live there!!!

whole foods

After a yummy dinner with a few of Jenn’s new coworkers,

We headed out on the town for Jenn’s Birthday!!!

My high school BFF JJ was there (read her blog post below!)



Sisters ready to celebrate Jenny T’s New adventure!!!


Sister, you are the best (so is Lil Julia)

You know she would have been there if it were not for school.

She will need to come visit you soon!

Best of luck to you and your new life in Austin.

Love you forever and we are just a facetime away.


Had a great trip to Austin. Running down there was a breeze! So many fun and active people.

The music and night life exceeded my expectations as well.

The training continues, 3 weeks into my half marathon training.

The weather in Colorado is perfect for my 3.5 miler today. Rock out runners!!!

This was so sweet. Thanks JJ for the amazing blog post.


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3 thoughts on “Austin Adventure!

  1. Looks like your having a great time!!! 🙂

  2. Min says:

    I’m glad you had such a great time in Austin! It sure is a wonderful place ;). Whenever my friends come for a visit, I always take them to Whole Foods Market, and almost always I see an immediate sparkle in their eyes ;). I LOVE Chuy’s and Salt Lick…mmm…I’d love to visit Colorado some day!

    • makemesweaty says:

      Yes you live in a great city. Tons of great food I was shocked people were so fit, I would gain a ton of weight if I lived there haha. You need to come visit Colorado, you would really love it. Lots of fun active places and amazing food as well.

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