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Horsetooth Half Marathon 2013

¬†¬†Colorado’s #1 Half Marathon!

Runners, I recommend you make this apart of your bucket list.

This was the most challenging race of my life, just take a look at the intense elevation changes, but Carolyn and I enjoyed the scenery along the way! There were a lot of runners with smiling faces which made for a fun experience. We also felt very safe they had police force close by the entire way. The hills were very steep, especially Monster Mountain, but what goes up must come down. We looked forward to the down hill parts. My one major complaint they did not have any gatorade or gu or gels along the way so by the end I was completely exhausted and running off fumes. Lesson learned to always carry a supply of energy (which we, along with others forgot)! The race ended at my favorite brewery, New Belgium, but we were too tired to take part in the fun.


We ran for the victims of the Boston Marathon, what a tragedy. Do not let terrorists stop you from achieving your life long goals. Living in fear is not living at all.

Keep Calm and Run ON!

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Half Marathon Training Schedule

For my first half marathon this past Spring I used a beginner’s plan but this time I want something more challenging. I came across, Hal Higdon Training Programs, on my Google hunt for a training schedule found what I am looking for. This website has great training routines for various race distances and for all levels, so check it out! My training starts in less than 2 weeks and I am more than ready to get back into it. The route of my upcoming race has a lot of hills so I will doing a lot of incline running. There is nothing like having a routine to stick to with an end goal that is so rewarding. Wish me luck!


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